Stone Restoration Process

Choose the Best Services for You with This Brief Guide to Stone Restoration Process


Magnificence and sophistication are the synonyms for stone flooring! Stone surfaces do not just look stunning, but they are exceptionally long lasting too. These floors can be used anywhere and look just as good in a home as they do in an office space. Stone floors are perfectly suited to enhance the beauty of any business environment. Amaze your clients with the beauty of your stone floor and make sure that an understanding is created that you take utmost care of how to present yourself!

To maintain the original shine and beauty, most of the stone restoration companies advise to perform stone restoration and repair process after every 12 to 18 months. If you haven’t got it done yet, be sure your stone floor has taken some damage! Choose the right stone restoration and cleaning company to ensure that your stone is restored back to its pristine and shining condition. Take a look at some steps undertaken by stone restoration and cleaning professionals:

Inspection of Your Stone to Make the Estimation of Costs and Damage

A thorough inspection is required to identify the scratches, dull areas, nature off stains and scuffs. Efflorescence is the major cause that leads to the dullness of the stone. Chosen stone restoration services will also discuss the limitations of the process with you for realistic expectations. Make sure that you discuss the time limit and the budget beforehand, or the extra charges keep piling up without your knowledge.

Move All Your Belongings Safely

Preparing an appropriate environment for the stone restoration services is also important so the furniture, curtains and other belongings are not damaged. A renowned company specialising in stone restoration and cleaning will make sure that all your belongings are safely moved out before the start of the process. Make sure you get the right professionals and stone masons who can guarantee the safety of your belongings!

Stone Restoration and Cleaning With the Appropriate Solution

Application of natural stone cleaning solution is the most important process that is involved in the stone restoration. Natural stones are porous in nature, but the cleansing requirement for every type of stone is not the same. Each stone has its own property and for the proper cleansing appropriate pre-mixed cleaning solution must be applied. Use of an incorrect solution can cause extensive damage to the floor. Be sure that your stone floor cleaning services provider is using the right stone floor cleaning products that are based on the properties of the stone used in your floor.

Agitating Of the Cleansing Mixture

Rotary machines are applied to agitate the stone cleaning mixture from the surface of the stones. Hand held stone restoration machines are used to agitate difficult to reach areas to ensure stunning restoration results.

Polishing the Stone to Restore Its Original Shine

Polishing is applied to the stone once the stains are removed and the original surface of the stone is revealed. Diamond encrusted rotary stone polishing pads are highly beneficial in performing this process. As said earlier not every stone has same properties, thus same stone polishing material cannot be used for every stone. A trusted restoration company will always apply the most appropriate stone polishing material that depends on the composition of the stone.

Filling In the Gaps to Increase the LifeTravertineSurface-

After the polishing is done and the surface is dried, stone specific sealants are applied to fill that gap, offering excellent resistance against spillages.

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