Choose Boulevard De La Madeleine for All Your Stone Restoration Needs

polishedNothing can match the beauty and charm of the stone flooring in your home or workplace. These floors, or any other type of natural stone surface for that matter, add beauty to your homes as well as are durable, making your home look stunning forever. Though natural stone surfaces are very strong, proper care is of paramount importance to ensure their beauty remains intact and they would not lose their original charm a few years down the line.

Boulevard De La Madeleine is a renowned name in the US when it comes to restoring and maintaining the original appeal and strength of any type of stone surface. Let our experienced stone experts and stone masons make your stone floor perfect in every way. Our stone restoration and cleaning skills are unmatched, and our restoration repair services can restore any stone surface to its original beauty without any visible signs of a repair job.

Natural stone surfaces are exceptionally hard, but they are also vulnerable to damage in the long run, especially in the absence of appropriate maintenance procedures. Scratches on the surface, stains, chipped edges, cracks and broken corners may occur if the proper restoration measures are not applied. As you may already know, replacement option will be expensive, time consuming and complex. Whether you have limestone, marble, ceramic, granite, concrete, porcelain or any other type of stone, our natural stone restoration and maintenance services will always be the best and affordable choice for you.

We work with highly experienced stone repair experts, use the most cutting-edge equipment and superior quality stone restoration products to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our efforts. At Boulevard De La Madeleine, we do not just provide simple polish and go easy services, we are known for providing professional workmanship. Routine stone restoration cleaning can prevent damage and keep your stone in good condition for years and years. Our services are aimed at preserving the stone flooring, cleaning the stone without any damage and remove stains to restore the original value of your stone flooring.

Best Stone Cleaning Products Are Used To Clean the Surfacefloor cleaniing

We understand that every stone does not have similar properties and make sure that the cleaning process is done with an appropriate solution. We use the best available tools and advanced techniques for cleaning stone surfaces and make them ready for the future. Our stone cleaners, materials and ingredients are of the best quality, ensuring no further damage or breakage to your precious floors. Metal based instruments tend to leave scratches and marks on the surface of stones; we avoid using such instruments. Contact us now for all your stone cleaning requirements and know more about our services!

Proper Stain Removal Techniques Will Be Applied

Stain removal is the most important process and is needed to be performed with utmost care because all stains are not similar, and all stones do not have the same properties. Our vast experience in this filed allows us to precisely recognize the type of stain on the stone and make sure appropriate stain removal methods are applied to your stone floor to ensure flawless results.

Our Stone Restoration Services Include But Not Limited To The Following:

  • Repair of chipped edges and broken corners
  • Surface scratches and impact marks Repair
  • Repair of installation or finishing defects
  • Surface cracks repair

Every Corner Will Be Polished By Using State-Of-The-Art Equipment

At Boulevard De La Madeleine, we use rotary cleaning machines in our stone floor polishing services as well as hand held machines to agitate the cleaning mixture from each and every corner of the stone floor. For polishing your stone floor, our expert professionals use diamond encrusted rotary pads, which are highly effective in restoring the original shine of the stone.

Perfectly Matched Sealants Are Used

There can be a number of cracks and gaps that suppress the beauty of your stone floor. We apply the best quality sealants for sealing natural stone with a perfect color match with your stone.

We are just a call away to make your stone floor new again!